Interview with New York Dancer/Singer/Model/Activist, Zera Silver

New Magazine New York
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“I started out as a classical ballet dancer, training in some of NYC’s top schools but I grew very disenchanted by the racism, mysoginy, and lack of innovation in the ballet world so I began dancing with indie musicians ranging from gothic opera singers to hip hop artists. I became very interested in the intersections between music, dance, and technology which lead me to San Francisco where I had life altering confrontations with gentrification, the evils of Silicon Valley and a disturbing brand of disdain for women, people of color, and artists that I have never encountered in my life. I’ve returned back to NY where I am accepted and able to work and explore freely as a dancer/singer/model/activist. I’m presenting an avant garde, one woman show in the summer that is both symbolic and autobiographical through a mystical Christian lens and I work as a fitness teacher/trainer having worked as an activist for Vocal New York, Greenpeace, Plan International along the way.” -Zera Silver

What is your passion?

I’d say I have a passion for authenticity and freedom.

How did you discover your talent?

When I was a teenager I was at this elite ballet school and girls were really mean to me because I worked much harder than others and had health problems that compromised my appearance. My family had just lost a lot so I couldn’t buy new clothes and my old clothes no longer fit. In a teenage moment of realization it suddenly dawned on me that I could make my own clothes and I started making eccentric Avant Garde pieces out of pillow cases and old ill fitting garments. People took notice of my new wardrobe and thought I was wearing high end pieces everyday. (And the snotty girls decided to be a lot nicer to me after that.) I wanted to create clothes, music, dance, any and everything and saw that I was born to be as creative as possible.

What changes are you trying to bring to your community, and the world?

I’m trying to make a way for creative people and oppressed people that doesn’t require substantial compromise and that benefits society and the planet’s health more than serving the perpetuation of the world’s evils.

Tell us about the best moment you have had doing this?

The best moments are when people tell me that I’ve helped them to make major positive changes in their life or that they’ve seen art and been able to enter a special world and have an experience that makes them feel connected to God.

What was the worst?

The worst moments are when you have to battle with jealousy and awful behavoirs from people. Haterade isn’t an acquired taste it just always sucks.
New Magazine New York

What is something that sets you apart from others doing what you do?

I have a classical foundation in ballet, I trained in top schools for years to be in a top ballet company so that’s the level of dancing you’re seeing and growing up in that insular world  shaped my worldview in a way that’s really specific and unique.

What does your closet look like?

 My closet looks pretty eccentric. Funk influenced pieces, organics, weird things I made, and then very formal elegant pieces.

Do you see yourself doing this in 10 years? If so, what will be different?

This is the only thing I could be doing ten years from now. I think by that time it would just be more specific and my worlds will be more nuanced.

Tell our readers your message?

My message for your readers is to stay real, stay human, do what’s good for you and the planet, ask where we came from and don’t let the world make you delusional.
Here’s a link to a recent video where Zera Silver is dancing with Afropunk band Great Wight in their ode against microaggressions and racism, Not Black Enough:
http://Here’s a link to a recent vid where I’m dancing with Afropunk band Great Wight in their ode against microaggressions and racism, Not Black Enough:

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