Photographer and Film Maker Mariana Meraz

I am a Photographer and filmmaker from Mexico City based in Berlin and New
York. I am in constant search of how to express reality and surrealism through
imagery. I work with publishers, artists, musicians and record labels
globally creating features, covers and stories on subjects in music,
travel, mixed media, fine art and documentary.

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What is your passion?

People and their stories. I love to hear, capture and
tell them. Especially through recollection of deep thoughts, dreams and

How did you discover your talent?

One of my first memories is having a
camera (disposable, my moms low budget video cam and then a point and
shoot) with me and I always had a pleasure documenting moments with my
friends and small trips, but I was not conscious about wanting to be a
Visual Artist yet. At a very young age I was performing in Theater, because
my family runs a Theater company and then life took me to New York to
acting school where I realized I wanted to create and produce my own ideas
so I started studying Photography and Film.

What changes are you trying to bring to your community, and the world?

I’ve always felt (and now more than ever) that art gives you a voice, so I think
you can reach unimaginably places with your art. Now I’ve been having the
chance to work with many musicians from different countries and that gives
me inspiration and perspective about the world and culture.

Tell us about the best moment you have had doing this?

I remember I was a
making a video about street musicians at Washington Square Park and I had a
beautiful transcendental moment. A guy brought an actual piano to the park,
some other man brought his drums, the jazz saxophone students joined and
the music started. A big circle started to form around them; lawyers,
hippies, parents, students, transgenders, dancers; you could see everyone
there and no one cared in that moment about  race, shape, size, background,
sexual preference, language etc, they all felt the rhythm of the music (I
guess that’s why music is the universal language) and enjoyed the moment.
For me, that is the ideal world.

What was the worst?

When you have to deal with people who don’t appreciate and value your work.
What is something that sets you apart from others doing what you do?
Maybe that I don’t want to imitate other people or follow certain trends.I
know it‘s difficult and we all have influences by others,but sometimes I
feel sad (and tired) too see the bad copies of others.

What does your closet look like?

Now it is pretty neat, I’ve heard about
this movement called “Minimalism” and I’m trying to apply it … and it is

Do you see yourself doing this in 10 years? If so, what will be different?

Yes definitely, and over time I want to be more and more involved in social
issues, to the point that I can change lives and I’ll be able to open minds.

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Speak out through art and respect!

Thank you, ”Solitudine” super 8mm film “A purple street poem” Inverse color super 8mm
film ”Natural Perception” film  Session with Kevin Hays, Perry Smith, Jochen
Rueckert and Matt Aronoff <>

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