Cooking Edition: Jasmine Brown

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Tell our readers about yourself.

My Name Is Jasmine Brown I was born in Flatbush in Brooklyn Ny. I Am an 26 year old mother of Two beautiful girls heaven and miyah.  I remember as a child I was always creating and making things. I used to make perfumes , clothes and soaps. I’ve always been passionate about working for myself and 2030 soulfood was birthed through that.

What is your passion?

My passion has always been cooking and serving people. Most of my career I have been in the food industry. Food is a huge part of my life and my lineage. I teach my daughters recipes and we bond over that.

How did you discover your talent?

I was very inquisitive as a child and I had a strong passion for creating. I took an interest in cooking at a young age and I would always stand over the stove while my grandmother and great grandmother was cooking. I started taking some of their recipes and making them my own. When my great grandmother passed away a couple of years ago I realized that cooking made me feel connected to her and her legacy. 


What changes are you trying to bring to your community, and the world?

I honestly want to heal through my food if that makes sense. When you cook with love it does something to the person that tastes it. I want to spread love through my food by creating a program where I can cater to the homeless population. I just started working with a shelter to cater a thanksgiving event this year. 

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Tell us about the best moment you have had doing this?

My absolute best moment in running my catering business  was catering a women empowerment fashion. I worked with influential women in nyc on this project and it made me feel so fulfilled. The event was so powerful because each that designed and walked in the show has experienced domestic  violence in some form or fashion and it was amazing to be a part of that.

What was the worst? 

I haven’t always made the right decisions and I would say after my great grandmother passed things got really rough for me. She always believed in me and pushed me. When I lost her I think I lost a piece of me and through starting 2030 Soul Food I feel like Im getting a part of me back.

What is something that sets you apart from others doing what you do?

I would say my passion and determination. I am so determined and passionate about my dreams to make an impact on the world. I also want to leave a legacy for my daughters just like my great grandmother did for me and my siblings.

Do you see yourself doing this in 10 years? If so, what will be different? 

Prayerfully, I will have my own restaurant/food truck as well as have contracts with the department of homeless services to administer food and be a director over give back programs for the homeless. I plan on including my daughters in my businesses as well and training them to pursue their dreams

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